17 January 2018

Tiptoe QAL Week Two

Who's ready to start cutting into their fabric?

Yeah. Not me either. 

You know when life happens? Well, it happened to me. And I'm working on a billion things at once now. And this QAL is still going to happen, but can we push it back a week or so? We'll still be done in plenty of time for tulip season, I promise!

As promised, here are the yardage requirements for the background fabric and green fabric for each tulip. Like I mentioned before, one fat quarter will get you two tulip tops.

Tablerunner (with five tulips) 23x73"
  • 2 yards background
  • 1/2 yard green
Throw/Twin 60x84"
  • 3 3/4 yards background
  • 1 yard green
Full/Queen 88x84"
  • 5 1/2 yards background
  • 1 1/2 yard green
King 102x104"
  • 7 1/2 yards background
  • 2 yards green

08 January 2018

Tiptoe Quilt Along Week One

Happy Monday! I like the idea of a good something to look forward to on a Monday morning. Not that Mondays are particularly any different than other days, but they do have that stigma, don't they?

Anyway, today is the day to start showing off your fabric pull. Here's mine:

Yes. It's not scrappy. Baby steps my friends. I'm actually using a gray background (by the way, do you write grey or gray? I lean towards grey most days) instead of white. That's a big deal for me! I'm using a FQ Bundle of First Romance. So excited - wish there was more yellow, but I just might add in some to keep myself happy.

I did make a scrappy test block. Well, scrappy for me.

Here's a list of what you're going to need for the five different sizes. Wait, five? Yes, five. I've added a table runner to the list, for those who are interested in something simple.

1 FQ will make two tulips. If you prefer to use scraps, you'll need one 5" strip of fabric for each tulip top and one 3-1/2" strip of fabric for the leaves/stem. Background, figure about 1 FQ per tulip. But I'll get exact stuff up later today. Promise.

(I have a houseful of sick kiddos, so I'm still working out the math for the yardage! So sorry!)

And here is the link for the link up party. Even if you're trying to decide between all one color scrappiness, or a mixed field, share what you've got and we'll help you!

This linky list is not open yet. It will open for new entries in 12 hrs, 55 min (1/8/2018 12:01 AM North America - Pacific Standard Time)

02 January 2018

Tiptoe QAL Update!

Hi y'all! I'm all done with Christmas everything and it's time to think about spring. I know, I'm completely skipping over winter, but really, here in the PNW, it's pretty much the same every day. Rain. Rain. Clouds. More rain.

I went back and looked at the pattern and determined that it could use some tweaking. I don't like extra seams when I can avoid them. I've been having a lot of fun deleting things! Pattern is still the same, but fewer seams! Yay for fewer seams!

Now, for the fabric.

There are 4 different sizes for this quilt.
16 block version = 60x84
20 block version = 74x84
24 block version = 88x84
35 block version = 102x104

For every 2 blocks, you will need a fat quarter (FQ) - these measure approximately 18x21" and will give you plenty of fabric for 2 flowers. You might think that if 1 FQ makes two, then a F8 makes one, but that isn't how it works with this one. But you'll be happy with your pretty flowers - I promise!
I will provide the yardage needed for the background and stems/leaves next week. This is not a speedy quilt along, so no need to worry.

I'll be making up the test blocks from the tweaked patterns this week. I'll post pictures - they are so cute!

01 January 2018

Make-A-List Monday: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

While it's true, you don't have to wait until the new year, it's tradition and I'm a creature of habit.

But I'm keeping it simple for myself this year. I'm just choosing a word. Trouble is, I still can't figure out what word I want to choose.

So while I'm thinking about it, I'll share my crafting to-do list!

  • Finish writing up tulip stuff - we start next week!
  • Write 2 patterns
  • Play with a design idea that came to me late last night
  • Sew something. Anything! Probably work on my autumn Shortcake quilt
Do you choose a word for the year? Care to share?

Oh, hey, I just added an e-mail subscription thingy over there on the side at the top. Some of you have asked for it and it was crazy easy to do. So here you go. If you want an e-mail notification when I post something new.

30 December 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday: the letter j

Good morning! It's my turn on the calendar for my Spelling Bee Saturday. This week is the letter j. Not J. Just j.

I'm pretty sure I went through a phase of writing my name in all lower case letters. 8th grade, maybe?


If you've made blocks from this book, then you know they are a cinch. Crazy easy. Took me 10 minutes, once I chose the fabric.

I'll be making this into a Christmas word pillow. joy? jolly? jingle? How ambitious am I?

I'm also going to make a big crossword puzzle/scrabble thing with all my kids' names. I'm excited!

25 December 2017

Make-A-List Monday: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends!

I realized I truly missed writing these blog posts, and I've vowed to change that today. My children are building Lego spaceships and treehouses, so I'm going to blog my to-do list.

I'm headed to my brother's house for a 10 day visit, so I'm packing up some projects to get done while I'm there. Here's what's on my plate:

  • Tulip Quilt A Long - cutting fabric and starting blocks
  • Autumn Shortcake Quilt - this one is massive, but it's a chain piecer, so it's going pretty quickly
  • FQS Cake Mix project
  • FQS Spelling Bee Saturday - my post is this coming Saturday!
  • Weekender bags need finishing before I go
  • Sew the borders on my Flurry Taffy quilt
  • Buy clearance flannel flat sheets for quilt backs!
That last one. Genius. Read about it somewhere and that's totally happening.

What are you doing this week? Sewing-wise, anyway? I'm also taking my kids to see the Zoo Lights tomorrow night, and then to a model train show Wednesday. Also a Lego building thing. Busy busy time!

07 December 2017

Tiptoe Quilt Along

I know, you're all in the middle of Christmas. Me too. But around this time of year, when the skies are very grey, I start dreaming of the Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley of Washington. The skies are grey then, but I don't notice it as much because of all the pretty flowers.

Given how much I love tulips, it's surprising that I don't have a tulip quilt. Well, actually not, because I haven't loved any of the tulip blocks I've seen out there. They tend to be blocky (no pun intended) and square and short. Then I spotted this one, but wanted to make it mine.

I like that the blocks aren't square, because tulips aren't square. They're tall and elegant.

So who's with me? I'll lead the Tiptoe Quilt Along. I'll provide all the info you need: cutting requirements, fabric needs, block instructions. Here's how it will go:
  • January 8-13: Kickoff party - pull the fabric you're going to use and share a photo (or not!)
  • January 15-20: Cutting requirements for all blocks and sashing
  • January 22-27: Block #1 building and tips
  • January 29-February 3: Blocks #2 and 3 building and tips
  • February 5-10: Sashing and final quilt layout
  • February 12-17: Show and tell your final quilt flimsy!
I'll gather together some prizes for y'all, if you like. But the biggest prize is going to be having this gorgeous quilt in your life. If you make the big one, you'll have one to fit a queen sized bed! But even just 16 blocks makes for a nice throw quilt.

02 October 2017

Patchwork Stockings Pattern is READY!!!

My Patchwork Stockings pattern is written and available in my Craftsy Shop!

I designed these stockings for my family after I looked and looked for a pattern I loved. Couldn't find just what I wanted, so I created it instead. I wanted big, fat stockings, but not too wide at the top. And I wanted to have lots of different design options so they matched but weren't identical.

Now I made seven at once, so I made them all in one big quilt sandwich. But the pattern is written for just one stocking. But I hope to see lots of them out there! The beauty of this pattern is that you can customize it any way you like: I use 3" finished HSTs, but you could change that up entirely, as I give the final stocking dimensions. You could even do one cute little 6" block of Santa, or a wreath, or a candy cane. The possibilities are endless.

Don't let the curves scare you. No big deal. Just clip them, turn them out, and press them. 

 I created a Pinterest board of a huge selection of fonts to choose from. It's not exhaustive (what on Pinterest is?), but there are a lot of fun ones.

Hope you love my latest pattern! As always, I'd love to hear what you think of it!

20 September 2017

Through the Woods - Truck!

Hey y'all!

It's raining in Tacoma, which means Christmas weather for me. Product of my childhood on the Oregon coast - Christmas was rainy and cold, not snowy.

So yes, I'm listening to Christmas music and publishing the truck block for my jThrough the Woods quilt I finished last year.

It's available in my Craftsy shop, along with the tree quilt pattern. They're listed separately because maybe not everyone wants to make the truck block. I get it.

As for the house, well, it's not mine. I used Lori Holt's Farmhouse block from her Farm Girl Vintage book and made it bigger. Twice as big.

The trees come together really quickly, and you could definitely finish this one before Christmas. I'd love to see what you come up with.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!

07 January 2017

4QFAL Finish: Up Cross Stitch

I made this adorable cross stitch for my aunt, who loves the move Up. (Yes, I know the pictures are the same. My aunt and uncle live in the same house.)

Checking this one off my 4QFAL list.

4QFAL finish: Turtle Mug Rug

I didn't finish much on my list, but I did get some of my Christmas gifts done. I made this turtle mug rug for my uncle using Quiet Play's Geometric Sea Turtle pattern. I love paper piecing. I love how it turned out.

Pardon the photos. I forgot to take pictures before I shipped it to Florida, so my aunt was awesome to take these for me.

Checking this one off the 4QFAL list.

Knock knock. Who's there?


Where have I been?

Lemme see . . .

  • Buying a house 400 miles away.
  • Packing lots of boxes.
  • Choosing paint colors.
  • Purging stuff, and more stuff.
  • Wondering where I got my magazine obsession from. Oh wait. My dad.
  • Packing quilts. 15 bins so far.
The move is, well, I don't exactly know. Gotta love the uncertainty of closing and all that junk. But it's soon. Moving in the dead of winter. Oh the joy.

But I'm a happy girl. After two years, my husband will have a real home, and we'll live in the same house again. I won't be a single-ish mom, and I won't have to fix toilets and garbage disposals anymore.

Still designing quilts in my downtime, just to keep my sanity. We've been dumped on with the snow this winter, and I'm getting a little stir-crazy. Thought I'd play around with some of my published patterns to make them look a little different.

Something New looks awesome in a bright blue. More snowflakes! Because we need more snowflakes around here!

And then I thought, nah, I need spring-y colors. So Flower got a spring makeover, but with a Seattle sky. I need this one for my new Pacific NW life.

That's all for today. Working on some new patterns to finish after the move. Stay tuned!

25 October 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Purple Sew Together Bag

I'm trying desperately to get caught up with everything I can before we move. We don't know when we're moving, or where we're moving, but we know that it's coming.

This has been on my list since the summer. Finally finished it up! Had to dig out my purple thread for it.  It's for my friend who LOVES purple. She needed one to organize her stuff.

10 October 2016

Make-A-List Monday: 4QFAL 2016

Last quarter was just sad. Seriously sad. Twenty-one projects and only two got finished. That was pathetic! For me. Not for anyone else.

I did finish a few flimsies, but those ones don't count, so I can't include them in my total.

Should I make a realistic list? Nah. I'd rather put it all out there so that if I do manage to get a lot done (ha!), I can take credit for it!

The List:

Sew and Sew Zipped Case

Prairie Zipped Case

Modern Minis Weekender (with fussy cut squares!)

 Modern Minis Maker's Tote

Prairie Maker's Tote

Vintage Happy Zipped Case

Purple STBag (dude, this thing is so close to being done!)

Superman Zipped Case

Frozen Zipped Case

Owl Zipped Case

Wonder Woman Purse (can I just finish this already!)

Cousin's Weekender (I'm further along than this picture shows, but I didn't want to take another picture!)

 Prairie Weekender

First Crush Weekender

Vintage Happy Weekender

Glamping Weekender

Feed Co. Weekender

Blue Batik quilt for my Grandma

Cross-stitch pillow for my cousin

Framed Cross stitch for my aunt

Framed Cross stitch for my pal

Framed Cross stitch for my MIL

Framed cross stitch for my other cousin

Turtle Mug rug for my uncle